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The core technology of Neural Concept shape are 3D convolutional networks that learn to predict the output of physical simulations or experiments based on the input shape’s geometrical properties. They can be used as complements to the traditional numerical simulation and experimental methods so as to alleviate the need for actual simulations or experiments along the conception pipeline. This dramatically accelerates and reduces the cost of the design process.

This proprietary deep learning technology is also fully integrated with state-of-the-art shape optimisation algorithms. Therefore, when relevant, the conception process can even be completely automated so as to find the optimal design(s) given a number of predefined objectives.

Neural Concept Shape radically improves
numerical simulations and design optimization

Neural Concept Shape running on computer


  • Drastically reduces 3D simulation time to below one second

  • Predicts simulation results with an accuracy (R²) higher than 95% on average

  • Can extend simulation, by integration of testing results


  • Automatically explores the shape space for optimized designs

  • Automatically generates shapes optimal to desired output values

  • Comes up with original and innovative designs


  • Applicable on any 3D simulation application

  • Any engineer can use it in daily work without dealing with tedious parametrization

  • The raw 3D mesh is directly fed as input to the Neural Network of NCS

  • NCS  is compatible with most CAD/CAE input/output formats

With Neural Concept Shape, you can achieve

Engineers working on designs

Better design choices

Engineers working with Neural Concept Shape

Faster R&D Cycle

Reduced costs

Reduced engineering cost

Industries we work with




Hardware design



3D printer

Additive manufacturing

Air turbine


Civil engineering

Civil engineering





Luxury goods

Luxury goods

Plans & Pricing

NCS /Lite

Suitable for designers and product engineers (prediction only)


  • Use trained Neural-Networks in production
  • Access as a stand-alone application or embedded into your design software
  • Floating licenses with 24h holding period
  • Pay monthly or annually

NCS /Expert

Suitable for data scientists, simulation engineers and optimization experts (advanced users)


  • Support many application or design engineers by exporting ready-to-use models
  • First time right and fully customizable. A solid basis to boost your R&D
  • Nominative licenses
  • Pay quarterly or annually

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