Early September 2019, the ultra aerodynamic bike we helped designing broke two world records of speed. It is with the same objective in mind that we are pleased to announce our collaboration with SP80 : https://sp80.ch/.

This team composed of EPFL Alumni and students are working to build the world’s fastest sailboat. They aim at reaching the speed at 80 knots, with the sole power of a kite. To be able to reach such speed, aero and hydrodynamic optimization is mandatory. Moreover, the team needs to model quite complex physical phenomenon such as super cavitation, with numerical simulations that can take a lot of time (hours to days). Using Neural Concept Shape, they will be able to reduce this computation time to milliseconds, allowing them to further optimize the design of their sailboat and ultimately gain these precious knots to break the world record.

Stay tuned for further updates on our collaboration !

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