Turbomachines are very complex assemblies, which need to operate efficiently under a wide range of operating conditions. Simulation-driven design is now a key driver in the industry, but some major bottlenecks remain, which limit the improvements that are possible. How can NCS overcomes these limitations, and radically change the design process of turbomachines ? You can check our current work, in collaboration with NUMECA International, allowing for quasi-real-time performance maps and design space exploration.

In this video, you can see how the user is able to navigate on the performance map, evaluating the behavior of the design on specific operating conditions, for different values and views (pressure field, velocity field, etc…) . Then, the user can upload a new geometry, and get the instantaneous predictions of the model on the whole range of operating conditions.

To see the whole presentation made by Dirk Wunsch from NUMECA International, you can click on the following link:

Link to full presentation


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