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How does it work?

The core technology of Neural Concept shape are 3D convolutional networks that learn to predict the output of physical simulations or experiments based on the input shape’s geometrical properties. They can be used as complements to the traditional numerical simulation and experimental methods so as to alleviate the need for actual simulations or experiments along the conception pipeline. This dramatically accelerates and reduces the cost of the design process.

This proprietary deep learning technology is also fully integrated with state-of-the-art shape optimisation algorithms. Therefore, when relevant, the conception process can even be completely automated so as to find the optimal design(s) given a number of predefined objectives.


In this section you find resources that will help you get started using (NCS) software. The core functionalities of NCS are wrapped in a REST API that you can call directly from within your programming environment. Alternatively, you can use the python client provided by us. To get you started quickly, you may find it most useful to start with the Jupyter notebook example provided as a tutorial.

Note that in order to use any of these modalities, you first need to have a demo NC account. If you don’t have this already, you can create one by clicking here.

Jupyter Notebook

We designed 2 tutorial notebooks based on a use case for bike design optimisation.

Tutorial 1 / Tutorial 2

Python Client

Python client documentation.

Click here


Standard REST API documentation.

Click here

Case studies

Satellites: A smarter design regarding the thermal constraints

Formula 1: Multiple connected components and long-range aerodynamic correlations

Volumetric field predictions: A benchmark using Neural Concept Shape

Multi-fidelity optimization of a fixed-wing drone using Geometric Convolutional Neural Networks

Hydrofoil: Fly faster, longer, safer

Speed Bicycle: Our optimized aero-bike broke two world records!


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