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Deep Neural Network in simulations

Deep learning and AI in general have taken the entire field of computer science by storm and has now become the dominant approach to solving a wide array of problems, ranging from winning board games to molecular discovery. However, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and...

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NeuralSampler: Euclidean Point Cloud Auto-Encoder and Sampler

We propose an auto-encoder architecture that can both encode and decode clouds of arbitrary size and demonstrate its effectiveness at upsampling sparse point clouds. Interestingly, we can do so using less than half as many parameters as state-of-the-art architectures...

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Modelling Facial Geometry using Compositional VAEs

We propose a method for learning non-linear face geometry representations using deep generative models. Our model is a variational auto-encoder with multiple levels of hidden variables where lower layers capture global geometry and higher ones encode more local...

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