We are very excited to announce that the team from the University of Annecy is back to Battle Mountain, Arizona, with the goal of breaking the Human Powered Speed world record! Last year, they broke the french record with a bicycle design that was optimized with the help of Neural Concept Shape. This year, the design remains the same, but major additional features make it a good candidate to go much faster.

  • Very low rolling resistance Michelin Tires
  • Bearing in ceramic in the transmission
  • Camera vision instead of periscope
  • Improvement of pilote’s breath
  • New frame, new fork, therefore new geometry

Their objective is to reach the academic record of 133,78km/h and beat the absolute word record of 144,17km/h!

We have collaborated with this great team in 2018 to optimize the shape of the bike’s shell. We wish them good luck and all the best for their new project!

Follow their adventures on Youtube:

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