Early Metrics is an independent organization that assesses the growth potential of innovative companies. Early Metrics is focused in European startups, with the aim of providing a means of notation adapted and readable by our investors, our prospects and our customers.

This rating agency doesn’t rely solely on financial criteria. In addition to the market and the content of the project, the quality of the management team is one of the three “pillars” on which the rating is based. In all, about fifty criteria were examined during the analysis of the agency which delivers in the end a report and a note on 100.

For its first evaluation, Neural Concept directly reached the top 5% out of more than 2’200 start-ups already rated. They highly appreciated the potential and innovation of our solution, the diversity of our team as well as the expertise of our board.

The entire team is pleased and wishes to thank Early Metrics for this recognition. We will continue our efforts to maintain upswing and continue to offer quality solutions to our current and future customers.

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