18 months ago, Neural Concept, EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), senseFly and AirShaper teamed up for an academic research project to apply deep learning to aerodynamics.

Neural Concept Shape was coupled with AirShaper to explore the space of designs, with the ultimate objective to find more efficient designs. Based on those learnings, our software started seeing trends and improved its understanding of the application. Soon, it started making predictions on what could be an even better aerodynamic shape! The result? A more efficient drone that will fly further on the same battery charge! This was a first research project and the potential for other applications (cars, transportation, planes, …) is monumental. Are you also working on an application where aerodynamic improvements can make a difference? Just let us know!

We published a report describing the work that has been done and further analyzing what we managed to do, you can read it here.

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